Become a part of supporting the monitoring and anti-poaching patrol Green Patrol and help protect Sumatran tigers, elephants, orangutans and many others.

In April 2021, we launched the Green Life project in Costa Rica and the first 72 hectares of rainforest on the border with Tapanti National Park, which is part of the La Amistad biosphere reserve.

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AnTi - Poaching Patrol


We present to you the anti-poaching patrol Green Patrol, which is made up of community guards and whom we helped to establish their own Indonesian organization called Yayasan Patroli Hijau Lestari. Read More

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The anti-poaching patrol Green Patrol monitors and guards an important area with exceptional biodiversity, which consists of critically endangered animals such as sloths, Malayan bears, orangutans, elephants and especially Sumatran tigers.

The patrol mainly specializes in Sumatran tigers, both in the form of monitoring with the help of camera traps, and also in resolving tiger conflicts in relation to tiger attacks on farm animals.

Field patrols are a matter of course for the purpose of uncovering illegal activities in the given area in the form of destroying traps and passing on the knowledge gained to the competent authorities.

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Monitoring takes place in the territory of Bohorok and the adjacent part of the Gunung Leuser National Park, where audio-visualmonitoring of tigers takes place in the form of camera traps under the name Eye ofthe Tiger.

Part of the monitoring is the detection of poaching in the protected area in cooperationwith community and state rangers.

‍Between 2015-2020, eleven Sumatran tigers were monitored here, including a newgeneration of tiger cubs. This area is therefore extremely interesting for the monitoringand protection of Sumatran tigers.


From 2018 to 2020, Green Patrol helped resolve conflicts involving tigers preying on livestock, particularly cows, outside Gunung Leuser National Park. To address this, they used deterrents and funded the construction of high enclosures where cattle could be safely kept at night.

Five enclosures were built, and these measures are still effective today. Additionally, Green Patrol ran an information campaign to educate villagers on changing farming practices near the national park and how to safely coexist with tigers.

Green Patrol in action to protect tigers

Join Green Patrol and help protect Sumatran tigers, elephants, orangutans and many more.


The MMRT-SEB is created to monitor, protect and, if necessary, rescue marine mammals in the IMMA San Juan del Sur (Important Marine Mammals Area) protection and reproduction zone. Our team operates in the area of Salinas Bay, Santa Elena, and Papagayo Bay. We are currently negotiating an active collaboration with the State Veterinary Office SENASA, the ACG Guanacaste National Park, the INCOPESCA Fisheries Office and the Coast Guard.

The monthly fees associated with the operation of the monitoring ship The Spartan amount to CZK 56,000. 8 trips are planned per month, each of which costs 7,000 CZK.

Support us and get an Ocean Guardian certificate.

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