Justice for Nature
Justice for Nature
Vacation with an overlap


Unique nature that represents 4% of global biodiversity in Costa Rica.
Become one of us for a few days or weeksand experience the wilderness for yourself.

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Experience adventure, knowledge and relaxation. Discover the magic of the wilderness without people or civilization, with your friends or by yourself. Experience the most interesting vacation of your life, something that a travel agency won‘t just offer you, and certainly not at the expense of nature conservation.

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Not everyone wants to be a volunteer right away, but most of us want to experience something unique, unrepeatable and meaningful.

Thanks to our many years of experience and possibilities, we have prepared an extraordinary holiday with an overlap just for you.

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Adventure Awaits

Go with us on a journey of discovery of various types of ecosystems, to the mountain forest, to giant waterfalls, to mangroves, or to the ocean in search of breathtaking creatures, humpback whales from the deck of the monitoring ship The Spartan.

OUR Packages

Experience extraordinary experiences on wilderness expeditions within the Eye of the Jaguar and Eye of the Ocean monitoring programs. Adventure, knowledge and also benefits in the protection of wild nature await you.


Get to know our Green Life reserve with magical and easy walks into the forest, photographing humming birds and orchids, relaxed monitoring with camera traps and lots of rest with a view of the forest.

Set sail on magical one-day cruises aboard The Spartan with marine mammal monitoring combined withexcursions around the area and relaxing on the beaches.
It also includes a visit to a national park and other places depending on the location.

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Discover and

Get to know the jungle like few others, discover with us the Green Life Reserve with monitoring expeditionsto the hills and mountains of the Talamanca Cordillera with camera trap checks and fauna and floraphotography. A night in the jungle is included. Set sail on a four-day cruise with Eye of the Ocean forwhale watching and an overnight stay on a boat in bays combined with a two-day land trip.

It also includes a visit to a national park and other places depending on the location.

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A challenging backpacking trip to the La Amistad mountains with involvement in the monitoring program, this is a test of what it‘s like to be a member of the Eye of Jaguar team. An extraordinary adventure inevitably includes a several-day sea voyage with The Spartan project ships, focusing on whale monitoring and much more...

It also includes a visit to a national park and other places depending on the location.

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