Be part of the monitoring and conservation of the American jaguars in Costa Rica and not only them.

In April 2021, we launched the Green Life project in Costa Rica and the first 72 hectares of rainforest on the border with Tapanti National Park, which is part of the La Amistad biosphere reserve.

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The Eye of Jaguar field team conducts camera trap monitoring to research jaguars and detect illegal activities in La Amistad International Park and Tapanti National Park. We also support monitoring in La Cangreja National Park and Palo Verde National Park. Intensive monitoring also takes place in our Green Life biosphere reserve.

NAMÁ NGOs and Costa Rica National Parks received support from us in the form of 50 UV595HD trail cameras, 10 Predator Micro trail cameras, 40 metal protective boxes, rope and padlocks, AA batteries and 60 SD cards. This mission also includes the exchange of monitoring experience, detection of poaching and conflict resolution with large feline beasts compared to Sumatran tigers. Trail cameras were located in Corcovado national park, Santa Rosa NP and Guanacaste NP. From February to the end of March, monitoring also took place in the treetops with the help of tree climber Janda Janoušek.

Green Patrol in action
to protect JAGUARS

Your donation can make a significant impact in safeguarding these magnificent creatures.

Support the Eye of  Jaguar project and help us preserve the future of the wildlife of Costa Rica.

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Who We COoperate With?

We cooperate with rangers and the National Park Administration, the state nature conservation SINAC, the environmental police, biologist Mike Mooring from Point Loma Nazarene University in the USA, and with Czech and Slovak schools, which are important partners of the entire Eye of the Earth monitoring project with school camera traps.

The collected data is intensively used for educational and promotional purposes. Data obtained from camera traps is a pillar of educational programs for schools and the public.

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and get involved not only in the protection of the forest …

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